Exile hits all the buttons. Brewed with an array of modern processes, our extra pale ale is dry, crisp, and refreshing, with a balanced dose of citrusy and tropical North American hops. It’s moderate strength and high drinkability make this the desert island beer you’ve been looking for all along.

Alcohol 4.8%


Brewed to emulate the pink rosé Champagnes of France, this elegant ale has been fully fermented resulting in an incredibly dry and effervescent mouthfeel, only to be aged for months on strawberry and raspberry purée and finished with whole hibiscus flowers.

Alcohol 8.0%

Breezehill Rosé

Inspired by the hoppy and bitter pale lagers of Northern Germany and brewed with North American flair, our pilsner has established itself as an icon of the Ontario craft beer industry and is highly respected well beyond provincial borders. Crisp, clean, and refreshing.

Alcohol 5.2%

Vim and Vigor

Brewed with a nod to the West Coast with a subtle dash of New England flavour, Rabble Rouser is a unique IPA that delivers a well-balanced hop attack with flavours of peach, mango, and pine. Dangerously drinkable with a firm but pleasantly bitter finish.

Alcohol 6.8%

Rabble Rouser

Inspired by a once-in-a-lifetime trek to the Czech Republic, this lager is brewed entirely with whole Bohemian hop flowers and Moravian barley resulting in a deep golden beer with nuanced hop flavours and an elegant malt profile. Simple and uncomplicated while remaining delicious and engaging.

Alcohol 4.5%

Grace & Gratitude

A generous helping of flaked oats give Fortitude a rich, full mouthfeel while a firm dose of bittering hops lend structure to this delicious stout. Expect notes of dark baker’s chocolate, French roast coffee, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Substantial and satisfying.

Alcohol 5.4%


The golden ales of Belgium were originally developed to compete with the global dominance of pilsner beer, differing substantially in strength but surely not in elegance. Fruity with a subtly floral and spicy hop aroma, Red Mosquito is extraordinarily refreshing for an ale of it’s heft.

Alcohol 8.5%

Red Mosquito

Each year the release of Discretion means that warmer days are on the way. Brewed with several dried fruits, Hibiscus, and rosehips, this low alcohol offering drinks effervescent and light, redefining the term “refreshing” with every sip.

Alcohol 3.5%


Brewed for those days where you don’t want to do much but sit around and drink beer all day in the sun. Light and crisp with medium bitterness, this lager is best paired with mindless activities.

Alcohol 4.0%

Fog Ducker


Our products are canned and bottled in-house using our own canning and bottling machines. Crafted with care and packaged without compromise, we keep our beer cold and sell it fresh. While we do our best to keep several styles available, shortages do occur and brands do rotate and evolve. While some of our specialty products may change and develop in flavour over time, the vast majority of our beer is brewed to be consumed as fresh as possible.

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