Brewed with a nod to the West Coast with a subtle dash of New England flavour, Rabble Rouser is a unique IPA that delivers a well-balanced hop attack with flavours of peach, mango, and pine. Dangerously drinkable with a firm but pleasantly bitter finish.

Alcohol 6.8%

Rabble Rouser

A generous helping of flaked oats give Fortitude a rich, full mouthfeel while a firm dose of bittering hops lend structure to this delicious stout. Expect notes of dark baker’s chocolate, French roast coffee, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Substantial and satisfying.

Alcohol 5.4%


Inspired by the hoppy and bitter pale lagers of Northern Germany and brewed with North American flair, our pilsner has established itself as an icon of the Ontario craft beer industry and is highly respected well beyond provincial borders. Crisp, clean, and refreshing.

Alcohol 5.2%

Vim and Vigor

Brewed with only one hop varietal that changes batch to batch, this Italian-inspired lager is packaged young, unfiltered, and dry-hopped. Quickly becoming a classic at Tooth and Nail, each new release shows how much a change in hops can influence the end result.

Alcohol 4.8%


Brewed with a hybrid lager strain that produces an incredibly clean fermentation profile, Supernova is a toasty amber lager with an earthy and floral hop character. Perfect for cooler days.

Alcohol 5.0%


Brewed entirely with whole cone hops from the Pacific Northwest, Tenacity steals from both English and American brewing traditions. Meidum-bodied and brewed for balance, this ale is brewed with a purposeful malt base that complements its complex and layered hop flavours.

Alcohol 5.5%


Steadfast is brewed to taste like the porters of yesteryear, with its emphasis on the flavours offered up by rich, chocolatey, and slightly smoky Brown malt. A dark ale that strikes a perfect balance of contemplative complexity and deceptive drinkability, our porter is a favourite of our brewing team.

Alcohol 5.6%


Modeled after the strong golden ales of Belgium, this deceitfully strong beer is ripe with notes of banana and pear, ample carbonation, and a wonderful hop character.

Alcohol 8.5%

Red Mosquito

Abbey Inspired Belgian-Style Ale – Brewed in collaboration with GODSPEED BREWERY, Toronto ON

Alcohol 8.0%

Abbaye Des Sept Minutes “II”

Abbey Inspired Belgian-Style Ale – Brewed in collaboration with GODSPEED BREWERY, Toronto ON

Alcohol 10.0%

Abbaye Des Sept Minutes “IV”

Extra Strong Dark Ale aged in Rum Barrels – Brewed in collaboration with GODSPEED BREWERY, Toronto ON

Alcohol 11.9%

Abbaye Des Sept Minutes “V”


Our products are canned and bottled in-house using our own canning and bottling machines. Crafted with care and packaged without compromise, we keep our beer cold and sell it fresh. While we do our best to keep several styles available, shortages do occur and brands do rotate and evolve. While some of our specialty products may change and develop in flavour over time, the vast majority of our beer is brewed to be consumed as fresh as possible.

Our beer is currently available for purchase through the following methods:

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Order from the comfort of home! Place your order online and simply come by the brewery store to pick up your pre-paid case of beer.

Have your order shipped across the province! We offer Ontario-Wide shipping for those out-of-towners who can’t do without our delicious brews. Orders ship out by courier Monday-Thursday and generally arrive within 1-2 business days depending on your location.